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Quality Policy

Bindatex AMC Company Quality Policy

Bindatex AMC is committed to the effective implementation of a company wide Quality Management System. The company recognises that the implementation of a comprehensive Quality Management System will create a very effective method of ensuring that customer needs and requirements are satisfied.

Bindatex AMC will ensure the ongoing effectiveness of the standard is met and adhered too, with an ongoing requirement within the company to see that continual improvement of its processes are achieved.

The company will work closely with customers to ensure their views as to the performance of Bindatex AMC are taken into account thus further improving customer service.

The company will train all personnel to a suitably high standard which ensures it has the ability to carry out work in accordance with requirements of its customers. To aid continual improvement the organisation will set suitable quality objectives, which will further improve effectiveness of our activities providing further long term customer benefit.

This Quality Policy Statement will be communicated to all company personnel and will be displayed within the company as evidence of our ongoing desire to meet and satisfy customer requirements.