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2018 Review – a year supporting high-tech customer success

2018 has been a positive year for Bindatex with a move to new, larger premises and a strong order book into 2019.

The past year has also seen significant growth for Bindatex customers where we have been privileged to be part of their success stories across a diverse range of high-tech sectors.

Here are some highlights....

Oil and Gas

The resilience of underwater oil and gas pipes is one of the challenges that has always faced the industry and new solutions to this problem are constantly sought.

Our customer developed a new thermoplastic woven highly resilient carbon fibre material which required to be slit to narrow width and presented in the correct format packages to allow high-speed, volume helical winding around continuous length undersea pipes.

We were challenged to slit the product into large diameter narrow width pancakes which would enable continuous manufacturing at our customers' facilities and help them to meet the very tight deadlines demanded by the project.

After successful on-time manufacturing, the pipes are now undergoing rigorous testing before being approved for use in the oil and gas industry.

Aerospace - Increased use of thermoplastic carbon

After a number of years of close collaboration with a European manufacturer of thermoplastic UD (Uni-Directional) carbon fibre products, a long-term development project is now ready to move into serial production for aerospace non-structural components.

Thermoplastic UD products are notoriously difficult to slit with a consistently accurate width and then wound onto stable packages.

Utilising Bindatex knowledge and experience of slitting thermoplastic products into high tolerance precision slit widths we were able to help our customer supply their product in slit tape format to meet the specifications required and further enable the high volumes required to meet the future ATL (Automated Tape Laying) programme needs.

Space - High-performance thermoset carbon fibre applications

The growth of high-performance thermoset carbon fibre AFP (Automated Fibre Placement) grade tapes for space applications is driving growth at one of Bindatex’s key customers.

Precision and accuracy are vital when manufacturing space components using AFP technology and high-performance materials are required to ensure dimensional stability with resistance to microcracking during the launch cycle.

Once in orbit, the carbon fibre structures need to be able to maintain their strength, stiffness and moisture resistance during constant thermal cycling with the extreme shift in temperatures experienced in space.

Our customer's world-class thermoset prepreg carbon fibre products combined with our precision high tolerance slitting has helped to meet the demanding needs of the space industry.

Aerospace - Carbon fibre landing gear components

Aerospace is naturally an important sector for Bindatex.

In collaboration with a European University, our goal was to develop a cost-effective solution to cutting thermoplastic UD carbon fibre into washer shapes without cracking or splitting the material.

The challenge was to produce these cut parts in sufficient volumes to enable their consolidation into sprung washers but without the high set-up costs of the conventional methods currently on offer.

After initial research and trial quantities being produced, very positive results have been achieved and the research project is about to move onto the next phase.

We are looking forward to seeing exciting developments over the coming months.

Activated carbon non-wovens - Die-cut shapes for specialist applications

Non woven activated carbon fabrics are in high demand and very often need to be supplied as die cut shapes.

Activated carbon is highly efficient in eliminating and removing odours and harmful gases due to it’s highly-effective deodorising and filtering properties.

With the effectiveness of these products, there is a growing demand from applications which require high volumes of material to be cut into both simple and intricate shapes.

Our experience of die-cutting both high and low volume components has helped one our customers react to the needs of these demanding high volume markets with pre-cut shapes. As a result, they can pride themselves as being the go-to supplier of activated carbon non-woven fabrics.

We are confident that investment, hard work and collaboration will deliver further success for us all in 2019.

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