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Bindatex – Challenges & Solutions

Some examples of the wide variety of projects we get involved with and solutions we develop...

Thermoplastic PEEK and PEKK Unidirectional Carbon Fibre Tapes

Challenge - How to extend the maximum length of individual tapes that will enable continuous Fibre Placement  without the need to stop the AFP process.

Sector - Automated Fibre Placement Manufacturing

Solution - ‘Lay Ready’ splices.

Bindatex has developed in-house Thermoplastic UD tape splicing / seaming technology to produce ‘Lay Ready’ splices which have been successfully used on AFP lines for over 2 years now.

Our splicing technology allows for the continuous laying of tapes without the need to stop and remove splices. We also back up our ‘Lay Ready’ splicing technology with full splice mapping for every individual tape, spool or bobbin.

Large composite structures require continuous material feed for efficient manufacture

Thermoset Unidirectional Carbon Fibre Prepreg 3.175mm wide tapes.

Challenge - Industry-wide issues including:

  • Fuzzballs and build up in AFP head caused by loose fibres on edge of slit tapes
  • Stringers from poorly slit edges which can result in problems unwinding thermoset spools
  • Twisted tows
  • Inconsistency of slit width to +/-0.127mm.

Sector - Aerospace and Advanced Engineering

Solution - ‘Clean Cut’ technology.

Bindatex have developed a tooling solution which has proven to give accurate, repeatable results in regards to slit edge quality resulting in a ‘Clean Cut’ edge even with prepregs with lower resin impregnation levels and drier fibres.

Our bespoke in-line automated visual detection system and constant width measurement backs up and reinforces quality and accuracy.

Bindatex CLEAN-CUT technology has been developed to address fractures and loose fibres from poor slitting

Precision slit thermoplastic unidirectional tapes in large diameter packages

Challenge - To consistently produce accurate, narrow-slit tapes wound onto coils up to 700mm diameter in a stable format that can be handled easily by operators of tape laying applications.

Sector - Aerospace applications

Solution - Unique process technology

Bindatex has vast experience in providing precision-slit tapes of difficult to process materials in large diameter formats.

We have developed a process technology that can consistently produce slit tape coils in this format to meet the needs and requirements of very tight aerospace specifications.

Our ‘Clean Cut' slitting technology can also protect the integrity of the slit edge to ensure that there are no splits, stringers / splinters and hairline cracks in the tape edge.

'Clean Cut' slitting, complimented by our ‘Lay Ready’ splices, enable Bindatex to deliver the highest quality tapes with the greatest possible single-length, maximising tape-laying efficiencies.

Modern manufacturing technology demands the highest quality materials

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