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Quick Productivity Wins – Food for thought


With the ever increasing demands from industry to maximise manufacturing efficiency, reduce downtime and minimise material change overs, more and more companies are analysing their processes, looking for opportunities to improve.

Where a process uses narrow-width materials, switching from a flat 'pancake' reel to spooled tape can deliver real benefits.

Bindatex can use our traverse winding service to provide far greater length narrow width tapes on a single spool.

A traverse wound spool can typically hold up to 10 times as much material compared to a traditional planetary wound tape or pancake. Using these spools allows machines to run for much longer between switch-overs. These increased tape lengths have for a long time been identified as the route to higher productivity in industries such as aerospace and Bindatex are now seeing an increasing demand from more traditional industries.

The Opportunity

A Bindatex food packaging customer was using a narrow width tape which was slit and rewound onto pancake reels.  Increasing demand meant the downtime required whenever a reel needed to be replaced couldn't be sustained therefore our customer was looking for a better solution.

The pancake reels typically held 500m of material which would run for around 20 minutes between changeovers.

The Result

Bindatex was able to traverse wind the same tape onto 5000 metre length spools which delivered immediate benefit. The machine running time between change overs increased from 20 mins to 200 minutes consequently this delivered 90% reductions in down time.

Improve your production efficiency

Bindatex can offer its traverse wound spooling service for any flexible tape product. You can take advantage of our knowledge to improve your production.

We can also apply an additional wider width liner delivering protection to adhesive coated products. This helps ensure tapes de-spooling cleanly rather than tearing as a consequence of layers binding together.

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