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Cutting out cost

Recent years have seen significant growth in the use of composites and a corresponding Bindatex process a complete range of non-composite materials including foilsrise in the demand for services to process these increasingly high-tech materials.

While Bindatex has risen to the challenge and developed an enviable skill set and experience in high precision processing of advanced materials, we haven't forgotten our roots in cutting, winding and rewinding more traditional, non-composite materials, woven and non-woven.

When we first opened our doors back in 2004, our focus was the traditional world of book-binding and printing and the needs of these sectors for a flexible service to supply cut to order coated papers and textiles.

Bindatex has continued to expand our precision cutting capabilities in a wide range of industry sectors. We provide the following precision services:-

Die cutting of custom shapes from all flexible materials.

Precision cutting and supply in pilot and production scale quantities.

Over the years we have been challenged to handle many difficult to process materials. We have never failed!

In fact, we are confident we can process virtually any flexible material.

We can chop all flexible materials down as small as 3mm x 3mm

As well as the above services, Bindatex AMC has many years' experience cutting composites and other challenging substrates into narrow width tapes and rewinding onto 'pancakes'

Driving Productivity

The Bindatex approach is about more than just materials processing. Our focus is on using our knowledge and experience to help our customers do things better and more efficiently.

It is particularly common with traditional manufacturing processes that things are done a particular way because that's always how it has been done. By introducing new methods it is possible to achieve significant cost savings and other benefits.

An example of how Bindatex can help customers is by making a switch from traditional 'pancake' reels to traverse wound spoolsSpools can hold 10 times as much material allowing machines to run longer between switch-overs. Read the case study here

Why Precision pays

Bindatex sometimes receives new enquiries from companies who have experienced difficulties with poorly wound traverse spools.  This occurs when winding tension is inconsistent and results in production delays.

Bindatex has invested in bespoke precision machinery that traverse winds tapes to extremely tight tolerance. This accuracy eliminates tape drop off and so helps remove unplanned production stoppages.

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