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2017 – A year of growth

2017 has been another year of development and growth for Bindatex as our position as an international player in advanced materials formatting thrives. Here are some highlights... Investment in Capability Specialist equipment is an essential requirement for the precision slitting of advanced materials. Consequently, through 2017 we have invested in a range of new technology. This enables Bindatex to both…
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Bindatex – Experts in AFP Composite Tapes

Technical collaboration has been a key component of Bindatex becoming a trusted aerospace supply chain partner. For over 10 years, the company has innovated class-leading services and is now the only independent European supplier of precision composite slitting services. The key to Bindatex success? - Collaboration. Early on in their growth, Bindatex recognised the importance of…
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Innovation – The importance of collaboration

In a rapidly-evolving field such as composites, knowledge and experience combine to deliver real-world innovations and productivity improvements. A crucial driver of composites development is the need for more energy-efficient transport. This is particularly the case in aerospace, where developments in composites are led by the sector’s desire for lower weight and higher strength materials.…
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Bindatex – Challenges & Solutions

Some examples of the wide variety of projects we get involved with and solutions we develop... Thermoplastic PEEK and PEKK Unidirectional Carbon Fibre Tapes Challenge - How to extend the maximum length of individual tapes that will enable continuous Fibre Placement  without the need to stop the AFP process. Sector - Automated Fibre Placement Manufacturing Solution…
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