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Bindatex – At the cutting edge

Bindatex is a company focussed on innovation. The heart of our operation is to work in partnership with the composites sector and to really understand customer processes. We use this understanding, coupled with our own experience and insight, to meet needs and drive development.

The company was formed in 2004 to meet the needs for a flexible service to supply cut to order specialist coated papers and textiles.

It quickly became apparent that our capabilities were equally effective in the developing composites sector. Consequently, we have established an enviable reputation for accurate, efficient slitting and sheeting of high-performance composites.

As our business developed, we focussed on 4 disciplines:

  1. Accurate product specification
  2. Tight tolerances
  3. Efficient packaging
  4. Rapid turnaround times

Inevitably, technical advances in the high-performance materials sector continued. It was essential that Bindatex kept the pace in our own development.

While initially Bindatex primarily offered slitting and sheeting, supplying product in cut sheets, growing use of composite materials in automated manufacturing processes meant a growing demand for material supplied wound on reels.

Automation 1.0

The next significant development for Bindatex was adding facilities to slit prepreg for Automated Tape Laying (ATL). ATL composites tapes are accurately slit down to widths of around 150mm, delivering materials formatted and ready to use by our end-user customers, helping to improve overall manufacturing efficiency.

When customers began to ask us to slit prepreg composites we identified tremendous potential. Bindatex investment in refrigeration facilities places us ideally to apply our extensive materials handling and processing expertise to this new challenge.

The Next Step for Bindatex - AFP

ATL enabled manufacturers to move away from hand lay-up for relatively flat/low curvature panels. Their next goal was to automate layup of components with tighter radiuses using a new technology which became known as Automated Fibre Placement. AFP  required much narrower tapes, as narrow as 3.175mm and slit to a tolerance of +/- 0.127mm.

Bindatex completed an Innovate UK funded feasibility study into the of the use of narrow width composite tapes within the aerospace industry. Subsequently, we worked with a specialist engineering company to develop a bespoke AFP composite slitting and spooling line.

In addition, Bindatex backed the aerospace industry’s confidence and commitment to AFP by investing. We have designed and developed a new slitting and cutting line specifically for narrow width carbon composites.

Key features of the narrow composite facility:-

  • High tolerance Clean-cut slitting technology
  • Precision tension traverse winding
  • In-line width control
  • In-line FOD detection
  • Lay-ready splicing technology

Bindatex development continues...

As we get right up to date, the Bindatex service innovation continues apace. We have recently developed techniques for accurately chopping carbon-fibre UD tapes to create 'Chips'. These short (3-12.7mm) lengths of thermoplastic carbon fibre are opening new avenues in moulding high-strength lightweight components accurately and cost-effectively.

In addition, there have been rapid advances in the use of thermoplastic UD tapes as an alternative to thermoset in prepreg composites.

As a result, Bindatex now produces thermoplastic UD tapes in widths down to 3.175mm for customers with aerospace applications.

In conclusion, if you would like to explore the practical application of the latest composite technologies in your manufacturing processes, we are always happy to talk

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