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Quick Productivity Wins – Food for thought

Context With the ever increasing demands from industry to maximise manufacturing efficiency, reduce downtime and minimise material change overs, more and more companies are analysing their processes, looking for opportunities to improve. Where a process uses narrow-width materials, switching from a flat 'pancake' reel to spooled tape can deliver real benefits. Bindatex can use our traverse…
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Cutting out cost

Recent years have seen significant growth in the use of composites and a corresponding rise in the demand for services to process these increasingly high-tech materials. While Bindatex has risen to the challenge and developed an enviable skill set and experience in high precision processing of advanced materials, we haven't forgotten our roots in cutting, winding and rewinding…
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Bindatex – Review of the Year

As we reach the end of 2016 and look ahead to next year we thought we'd take the opportunity to reflect on progress and our development as an international force in advanced materials cutting. Spreading the word Composites is a global sector. During 2016, we have launched 5 collaborative projects with research and development partners across…
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Chopped Composite Fibre (CCF) – a new method

Bindatex has developed a new method for chopping composite fibre which is designed to be compounded with general engineering thermoplastics and high-temperature thermoplastic resins. Rather than laying up carbon fibre in sheets and impregnating it with resin like your typical carbon fibre manufacturing, chopped composite fibre can be mixed with a resin to make almost…
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